Orange Terror Stamp 20-watt

Titanic Tones in a Stompbox-sized Package The latest addition to Orange’s compact Terror amplifier series, the Orange Terror StAmp is a compact hybrid amp that easily fits on your pedalboard. You heard that right, Orange has crammed the punch and power of the Micro Terror into a stompbox you can […]

2020 Abasi Guitars models

NAMM 2020: Tosin Abasi debuts new Abasi Guitars models Approximate reading time: 2 Minutes Abasi Guitars Larada 8 in Olympic White  ·  Source: Abasi Guitars/Facebook Abasi Guitars showed off its new models for 2020 at this year’s Winter NAMM. Each one has a unique modern styling and takes player comfort […]

Pigtronix Infinity 2

Pigtronix Infinity 2

Pigtronix Infinity 2: A new elegant double loop station pedal Approximate reading time: 2 Minutes Pigtronix Infinity 2 redesigned looper pedal  ·  Source: Pigtronix The new Pigtronix Infinity 2 is a worthy upgrade. No more chunky proportions and outdated graphics; here is a sexy double looper with well thought-out operation […]

Meet the Award-Winning Axe-Fx III

Meet the Award-Winning Axe-Fx III

Meet the Award-Winning Axe-Fx III Our latest flagship processor brings more power, features, and upgrades than ever before. The Axe-Fx III is the latest in a line of legends—the world’s most powerful all-in-one processor for guitar, bass, and other instruments. Featuring our latest amp modeling technology, thousands of UltraRes™ speaker […]

Most Powerful Guitar Processor Ever?

Most Powerful Guitar Processor Ever?

The Line 6 Helix multi-effects floorboard processor reaches far beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. It can be a great addition to your rig, a streamlined controller for your existing system, or an incredible-sounding guitar interface for recording in the studio — it can even replace your entire effects setup! Equipped […]

FoxGear Anubi series

FoxGear unveils new Anubi series of multi-effects Meet the FoxGear Anubi Ambient and Modulation. Image: FoxGear NAMM 2020: FoxGear has announced the new Anubi series of multi-effects pedals, namely the Anubi Ambient and Modulation. Both are based on the FoxGear Rainbow’s FV-1 digital processor and allow the user to combine […]

Line 6 POD Go

Meet your new performance rig Nobody loves a British stack or TV-front Tweed more than Sweetwater guitarists. But in a performance setting, there are so many factors — room acoustics, microphones, sightlines, atmospheric conditions, and sound personnel — standing between the “sound” of your amp and the way it’s heard […]

Schecter 2020 Guitar Line-Up

NEW2020 C-1 Exotic Ebony SKU #3337 New2020 Banshee Mach-7 FR S SKU #1413 New2020 Keith Merrow KM-7 Mk-III Hybrid SKU # New2020 C-1 FR S Silver Mountain LH SKU #1466 New2020 Banshee Mach-6 Evertune SKU #1414 New2020 Keith Merrow KM-6 Mk-III Hybrid SKU # New2020 C-7 FR S Silver Mountain […]

2020 Ibanez Line-Up

Electric Guitars Signature Models JS240PS (Joe Satriani Signature Model) JS140M (Joe Satriani Signature Model) PS4CM (Paul Stanly Signature Model) APEX30 (Munky Signature Model) RG RG8570Z RGR5221 RG5320 RG5320L RG5170G RG1121PB RG1127PBFX RG1120PBZ RG6PPBFX RG60ALS RGIB21 RGIXL7 RG421HPFM RG421HPAH RG421HPAM RG421MSP RGA RGA42HPT RGA42HP RGA42FM RGD RGDR4327 S S671ALB AZ AZ2402 […]

Electro-Harmonix Introduces Wailer Wah Pedal !

Wailer Wah Wah Pedal Electro-Harmonix has introduced the Wailer Wah, which features the circuitry, sound and tone of the award-winning Crying Tone in a traditional rack and pinion style pedal and at an extremely affordable price point. The Wailer Wah delivers expressive wah and cocked wah sounds and, at just […]