New signature Metallica wah pedal

This new Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Kirk Hammett KH95X was inspired by the Metallica guitarist’s Ouija ESP. Wrapped up in a sweet purple sparkle finish, it’s perfect for nailing those Hammett-style wah soaked guitar solos.

Dunlop Kirk Hammett KH95X Cry Baby Wah
It is no secret that Kirk Hammett loves the wah pedal. The internet is loaded with memes dedicated to the Metallica guitarist’s love of the effect. His guitar solos in Metallica are literally drenched in wah tones, as he uses it to great effect to make his extended note runs scream. So it comes as no surprise that there’s a new Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Kirk Hammett KH95X pedal.

Purple Sparkle Wah
We saw a few hand signed models of the new Dunlop Kirk Hammett model leak out at the beginning of April. Now, however, it is on general release at last. This means you can actually buy one without having to chase down the handful of limited edition signed units. I like that they went with the purple sparkle finish, as it looks great and matches his ESP/LTD Ouija signature models. Though I’m not so sure about the skull guitar logo on the treadle. It looks a little lost when compared to the standard version with the skeletal foot design, which is a lot bolder.

This new signature pedal is likely to be an unusual yet stylish sight on guitarist’s pedalboards.
Apart from these new aesthetics, the model is the same as the previously released Dunlop Kirk Hammett Signature Wah below, with an extended mid-range and a full wah sweep. You can hear the original in the Dunlop demo video below.

These new brightly colored wah pedals appear to be a thing for Dunlop, as the recently announced Leo Nocentelli signature model comes in a similar finish, which again, I really like the look of.

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